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Add a way to filter out special formats other than statistics



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      Special formats in the newest version.

      What are they?
      Special formats are recording formats that are produced in BBB for being shared differently. The best example is statistics, a format that should only be accessed by the Teacher because it comes with all the details of usage in the meeting.

      There are however other formats offered by custom BBB deployments (BBB recordings are meant to be extended by community). In fact, any other format could (and should) be treated as an special case in some cases.

      What is the problem?

      Only statistics is considered an special format and it is hard-coded.

      Who can access them?

      Users who have the capability mod/bigbluebuttonbn:managerecordings will be the only ones who can see it. By default only Editing Teachers and Admins do.

      How was done before?

      In previous versions, there was a setting to define what formats should be ruled out from Teachers, and also a setting to define the roles that would have access to them.

      How should it be?

      Since this is an authorisation, using the mod/bigbluebuttonbn:managerecordings makes sense. So admins and any other role or user with this capability enabled should be able to access "Special formats"

      But, there should be a way to define which are those special formats. Either through settings or env variable. But it should never be hard-coded.

      An alternative is to use the same payload to differentiate which ones are special and which ones are not. Although this is not an standard characteristic of BBB recordings.


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