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Convert moderation to use Moodle Capability system



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      The BBBBN plugin is currently creating its own capability management system based on the role of a user.

      In Moodle we base what a user can do on a capability matrix using our capability system.

      The BBB system distinguishes between the session roles of “Moderator” and “Viewer”. The Moderator role can:

      • Join a session which has not yet started
      • Join a session which is already at capacity
      • End a meeting
      • View recordings for all groups (not just the group they are in)

      All of these things should be handled within the Moodle capability system with existing capabilities being used where possible, or created where not:

      BBB Feature Type Capability
      • Join a session which as not yet started
      • Join a session which is already at capacity
      • End a meeting
      New mod/bigbluebuttonbn:moderateconference
      • View recordings for all groups
      Existing moodle/site:accessallgroups

      Converting existing mappings to use these will be the challenging part, but this may be achieved via an upgrade step

      BBB currently has a system to assign the "Moderator" role based on a Moodle role, or to a specific user.

      From the activity's edit settings:

      In Moodle you can change the capabilities of an existing Role to give that Role greater (or lesser) power:
      Choose "Permissions" from the actvity's action menu

      Click the + button for the capability you want to override and then choose the role to give that permission to

      This could be used to give all "Teachers" the "mod/bigbluebuttonbn:moderateconference" capability for example

      There is an alternate view of this by selecting a role from the top dropdown:

      And then granting (or revoking) that permission:

      I am currently looking at ways that we can simplify the Moodle approach and have some initial ideas which I hope to speak with our UX team about


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