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LTI breaks on favicon standard Boost and Classic theme


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      In the past LTI would break on custom themes caused by the favicon. I now have a fresh 4.0 installation which acts as a provider for LTI. Opening the LTI on a consumer site using the External tool is now also breaking on the favicon for Boost and Clean even.

      Errormessage: COURSE ABC https://NAMESITE.COM/theme/image.php/boost/theme/1653313290/favicon https://NAMESITE.COM/theme/image.php/boost/theme/1653313290/favicon https://NAMESITE.COM/enrol/lti/tool.php?id=3 https://NAMESITE.COM/enrol/lti/tool.php?id=3 https://NAMESITE.COM/theme/image.php/boost/theme/1653313290/favicon https://NAMESITE.COMtheme/image.php/boost/theme/1653313290/favicon NAMESITE.COM LTI https://NAMESITE.COM/

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