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Assignment marked completed without pass even if student meets the grade to pass (scale type grade)




      The following problem can be replicated in some of our client Moodle sites (version 3.9.14, Finnish language package).

      1) Create a course and add a student

      2) Add an Assignment acitivity with 'File submisison' as the submission type, have the activity completion turned on and set it as 'Show activity as complete when conditions are met'. Choose only  'Student must receive a grade to complete this activity' as the require grade criterium. Under the Grade heading, set the type as Scale and choose a scale that has been created correctly (i.e., scale items listed from worst to best). Set Grade to pass as 2 (for example).

      3) As student, submit some file to the Assignment.

      4) As teacher/manager/admin, go to the grading section of the Assignment. go to the Assignment grading tool and choose a scale item as the student's grade which is less than what you set as the grade to pass in step 2.

      5) Go to /report/progress/index.php?course=[course id here] and notice how the student has the assignment ticked as completed.

      As a side note, sometimes the student gets a blue checkmark with the text 'Completed' and sometimes a green checkmark with the text 'Completed (Achieved pass grade)'. I have not been able to verify what causes the differently coloured checkmarks.

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