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Auto-Login as Guest Doesn't Work Unless Button is Enabled


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      I'm attempting to selectively allow guest access to courses where guests can view the course homepage if not logged in, but are not prompted with the "log in as guest" button. (In other words, if guest access is enabled at the course level they can view the course, but if it's not enabled at the course level they are only given the option to log in). 

      Site Settings

      Users > User Policies > autologinguests: TRUE

      Plugins > Authentication > Manage authentication > guestloginbutton: FALSE

      Plugins > Enrolment > Manage enrol plugins > Guest access: ENABLED

      Course Settings

      Settings > Participants > Enrolment Methods > Guest access > Allow guest access: TRUE


      What I expect to happen

      The unauthenticated user is able to visit the course (either directly via URL or from the frontpage) and view the course page.

      What actually happens

      The user is prompted to log in.


      The issue does not occur and the expected behavior occurs if the guestloginbutton setting is set to TRUE.

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