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    • Moodle 4.1 Quiz project - user experience improvements for teacher and students


      This project aims to modernise Moodle’s quiz interface and make its usage more intuitive. There are two main goals of these updates; to make it easier for teachers to create and manage their quizzes, and to make completing and managing time in quizzes more intuitive for students. In both cases this means each persona has the key information and tools they need readily available and easy to use. A secondary goal is to lay the foundations for future improvements and new features relating to the creation/management of questions in quizzes by teachers.


      The key tasks related to the teacher persona are:

      • Provide "zero state" information to point teachers in the right direction.
      • Revamp the quiz questions page styling with a more modern design and make it easier to use and navigate.
      • Make it possible to clone questions from the quiz questions page.
      • Minor style adjustments to the question type chooser.

      Teacher journey prototype

      The key tasks related to the student persona relate to simplifying and modernising the quiz layout so information and tools are easier to find and understand, by providing:

      • A progress bar and more prominent time remaining.
      • Question cards for an easier to understand quiz interface (including clarifying the purpose of flagging / bookmarking a question).
      • Improvements to the quiz homepage layout.
      • Clarity within the quiz navigation block.
      • Where relevant, a warning of unanswered questions immediately before a quiz is submitted.

      Student journey prototype

      Future work / out of scope

      There are some out of scope goals for teachers that may be aimed at following releases, including:

      • Updating the question chooser to be consistent with the activity chooser.
      • Allowing question creation in the quiz interface using simplified and intuitive form elements (which should also carry through to question bank).
      • Revamping the edit question page and making it available in an overlay when accessed from the above quiz interface.

      These require some platform-level work such as new or reworked form elements which support the functional requirements of the new question interface, and a generic chooser module for the question type chooser (currently this is coupled to the activity chooser - see MDL-73528 for progress on abstracting it out). The 4.2 teacher prototype shows the full planned future work beyond this epic.


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