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issue opening group messages in messaging drawer



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      We've observed an issue when trying to load a group message us using the messaging drawer the user opens their messaging drawer, they can succesfully open starred and private messages. They have 3 group chats, two load normally, whereas one has an issue, opening a blank messaging panel. We're aware the group chat with issues has a large amount of messages, and has worked in the past, but at some point stopped working. the only error we see is seen below when we allow the messages to try to load for a long time with debugging on.

      Triggering instructions
      Open messaging drawer
      Open group messages
      Open the group chat that has issues.

      Something to note is that once we've opened the group chat manifesting the issue, the rest will no longer open. no errors appear in the browser console log and the only error logged is below after leaving the messages to try to load (after an amount of time that doesn't map to the timeout settings of the site)

      TypeError: Cannot create property 'stack' on string ''
          at customersite/lib/requirejs.php/1632999901/core/first.js:6:7678
          at tryCatch (customersite/lib/javascript.php/1632999901/lib/babel-polyfill/polyfill.min.js:1:93250)
          at Generator.invoke [as _invoke] (customersite/lib/javascript.php/1632999901/lib/babel-polyfill/polyfill.min.js:1:93024)
          at Generator.t.<computed> [as next] (customersite/lib/javascript.php/1632999901/lib/babel-polyfill/polyfill.min.js:1:93782)
          at o (customersite/lib/requirejs.php/1632999901/core/first.js:6:2166)
          at f (customersite/lib/requirejs.php/1632999901/core/first.js:6:2373)
          at customersite/lib/requirejs.php/1632999901/core/first.js:6:2432
          at nrWrapper (customersite/message/index.php:7:30075)
          at new Promise (<anonymous>)
          at new r (customersite/message/index.php:7:8852) 

      This issue has persisted through upgrades, initially manifesting on 3.11.5






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