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Moodle 4.1 Database project - user experience improvements for teacher and students


    • Moodle 4.1 Database project

      This project arises from the deep study and analysis carried out by MUA (MDL-71006) and UX of the Database activity. Therefore, it aims to modernise Moodle’s database interface, improve the existing workflows and make its usage a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. There are two main goals, the first it makes it easy for teachers to create new database activities, providing a new set of presets and preview mode. Second, it is to improve the student experience by providing a better experience with the existing views in his journey. 

      The key tasks related to the teacher persona are:

      • Provide "zero state" information to point teachers in the right direction. Especially to use presets.
      • Revamp the list and simple view page styling with a more modern design and make it easier to use and navigate.
      • Add a new set of useful presets.
      • New preset management page providing preview mode.

      Teacher journey prototype

      The key tasks related to the student persona relate to simplifying and modernising the list and simple view layout so the database entries are easier to find and understand, by providing:

      • Revamp the list and simple view page styling with a more modern design and make it easier to use and navigate.
      • Minor style adjustments to add entry database interface.

      Student journey prototype

      Future work / out of scope

      There are some out-of-scope goals for teachers that may be aimed at a 4.2 release, including:

      • Modernize and improve the add fields workflow.
      • Improve the template section to make it easy to use.
        • Preview mode.
        • Automatically add fields to templates when creating a new field.
      • Providing new actions like duplicating or fixing/hiding the view layout.
      • Add new views like grid or table layout.
      • Allow the teacher to change the view name.
      • Some admin actions like enabled/disabled/delete admin presets to site level.

      It's important to notice that all the prototypes are in working in progress and open to new changes.


      Epic Issue Integration order:

      We would like to explain what we think is a proper order to integrate the issues of the epic because there are some parts of the code that some issues share. The code of the module database is old and to work properly we need to refactor some parts and create new classes, mustaches, tests and improve other parts of the code.

      The following issues should be integrated in this order:

      • MDL-75146 Create a new ##id## tag to use in Database activity templates
        • MDL-75211 Select/Unselect all options should be visible when there is a 'delete' checkbox on database activity List template only
      • MDL-75148 Improve Presets management list page for Database activity
        • MDL-75142 Add description to Database activity presets
          • MDL-75143 Edit Database activity presets' name and description
            • MDL-75186 Add "Export" preset feature to presets list
          • MDL-75137 Redesign the zero state page for Database activity module
          • MDL-75187 Move "Delete" preset confirmation to a modal
          • MDL-75149 Create a new preview page for Database activity Presets
            • MDL-75401 add sticky footer to mod_data pages
      • MDL-75275 Create new dropdown kebab menu tag with all the actions for the "List view" and "Single view" templates
        • MDL-75252 Improve Image gallery preset templates
        • MDL-75412 Create a new preset for 'Journal'
        • MDL-75413 Create a new preset for 'Resources'
        • MDL-75411 Create a new preset for 'Proposals'
        • MDL-75276 Update default layouts for the new database templates
          • MDL-75664 Display approval status in the database entries
          • MDL-75684 Adjust presets and default templates to meet the prototype
      • MDL-75140 Skip fields mappings form if there are not fields created
        • MDL-75188 Move "Import" preset form to a modal
        • MDL-75492 Improve mapping workflow when importing or using a preset
      • MDL-75289 Implement the prototyped navigation changes in database activity
      • MDL-75335 Zero state on fields and templates when there is no field created on the Database
        • MDL-76006 Improve zero state images for database activity

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