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H5P & Content Bank - Introduce 'content bank' logging in 'logs' report





      📝 Summary
      When creating H5P content in Moodle LMS or MWP, this is done within the content bank (in most cases within a course). This is a request to introduce a content bank log, within the content bank itself or within the course reports ‘logs’ area, in order to more effectively track/log changes to H5P activities.


      In a Moodle environment, there is currently no way to track any changes (or events) effectively, for changes to H5P content. This is a request for the addition of a content bank log, in order to track the changes made against any items that exist in the selected content bank context. Potentially the most logical way to accomplish this is not to create new logs, but instead implement content bank log changes into the existing ‘logs’ report.


      📓 Additional Information
      Example events to log:

      • user created H5P activity (name & type) in content bank
      • user deleted H5P activity (name & type) from content bank
      • user modified H5P activity (name & type) in content bank
      • user viewed H5P activity (name & type) in content bank
      • user disabled H5P activity type in content bank
      • user uploaded H5P activity (name & type) into content bank
      • user downloaded H5P activity (name & type) from content bank
      • user replaced H5P activity (name & type) in content bank
      • user unlisted H5P activity (name & type) in content bank

      Additional events to log would be around the modification of items in the content bank. For example the logs could include when questions are fed back into the question bank from a H5P activity (my knowledge on this area isn’t up to scratch, so apologies for lack of detail on that one).

      In general, this should also help with troubleshooting queries from users of a platform.


      📖 User Story
      As an… administrator of an LMS or MWP platform.
      I want to... be able to view logs of changes from the ‘logs’ report, that have been made to h5p content within the content bank in a course.
      So that... I can track changes made to content bank items in case problems arise from broken or missing content. Consequently this will help to ensure editing staff users are aligned on their use of this content bank area. Furthermore this can lead to the appropriate alignment interventions.




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