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Redesign the zero state page for Database activity module


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    • HQ Sprint 0.1 Database

      As a teacher
      I want to get all important links and option when my database activity module has no fields created yet
      so I can easily use presets, import presets or create new fields.


      As a student
      I want to be advice that the database activity is not ready to be used
      so I don't try to add a new entry


      As a student or teacher
      I want to be advice that there is no entry in the database activity yet
      so I can find the link to add new entries in a easier way

      As designed by UX, database activity view page should be change to show different information for different case and have a more clear zero state.

      • For teachers, will show quick options to Import presets, Create fields and Use presets.
      • For students, will show a message when there is no field created yet notifying the activity is still under construction, and a quick option to Add entries where fields are already created but there is no entry yet.

      No changes will be applied to view page on this issue for the rest of cases.


      Note: Database activity view page should use templates to make rendering information easier to change and maintain.


      Prototype: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.figma.com/proto/vmspDJsBAYrPfECMrgpGEd/4.1-Database?page-id%3D0%253A1%26node-id%3D288%253A105628%26viewport%3D90%252C15691%252C0.25%26scaling%3Dscale-down%26starting-point-node-id%3D288%253A105628%26show-proto-sidebar%3D1&sa=D&source=calendar&ust=1657440387756151&usg=AOvVaw1fcpqEmcOrZiixs8Z5Pwb6

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