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Moodle LMS / MoodleNet integration project - Phase 1



    • 4.1 MoodleNet integration


      This project aims to expand the integration between LMS and MoodleNet, with the main goal being to facilitate the transfer of content from Moodle LMS into MoodleNet. The key personas in this project will be teachers and site admins.

      MVP for Moodle 4.1

      The key user stories related to the teacher persona are:

      1. As a teacher, I can "connect" my LMS account to a MoodleNet account, so that it is authorised to share content to MoodleNet.
      2. As a teacher, I can synchronously share a single activity/resource to MoodleNet as a Moodle backup file, so it is available for others to import into their Moodle courses.

      Current teacher journey prototype

      The key user stories related to the site admin persona are:

      1. As a site admin, I can enable or disable teachers' access to share to the MoodleNet site I have configured, so I have control over whether the content is published outside of my LMS.
      2. As a site admin, I can view a log of all content that has been shared from the LMS instance to MoodleNet, so I can ensure policies and licensing are adhered to.

      These are basic admin configurations that would be available from the existing MoodleNet admin settings page, so a prototype is not necessary at this stage.

      "Nice to have" user stories for Moodle 4.1

      The following are user stories for the teacher persona, which we would like to achieve as part of the MVP, but will likely require additional sprints and are likely to be completed in a later iteration of the project:

      1. As a teacher, I can share the contents of a whole course as a Moodle backup file to MoodleNet, so others can import and use the course I have written. (Note: User/student data is not included).
      2. As a teacher, I have access to a "share history" interface, which allows me to view the history of content I have sent to MoodleNet.

      Future work / Out of scope

      The following milestones are currently beyond the MVP project scope as sprints available will not allow for the work required on both the LMS and MoodleNet sides to be completed in time for LMS 4.1 code freeze / release.

      1. More granular control over course sharing (the ability to select/deselect activities).
      2. The ability for activities/resources to define whether they can be shared as a "link" or an individual "file", rather than a Moodle backup.
      3. Asynchronous uploads, to allow larger data transfers in the background, so teachers can continue to submit metadata and return to LMS without waiting for a full backup/file to be sent.
      4. Expanding existing settings to allow support for connecting to multiple MoodleNet instances.
      5. Any updates to the existing implementation of MoodleNet to LMS functionality. This will likely be re-implemented to more closely integrate with the new LMS to MoodleNet functionality in a later release.


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