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Revert Course Overview menu option from 'Archive' back to 'Remove from view'


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      In Moodle 4 the menu item of Course Overview was changed from "Remove from view" to "Archive". This follows this tracker discussion: https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-73113 

      For my UK institution (and I can imagine for many UK institutions, and perhaps other countries), the terminology 'Archive' has particular meaning. This to me implies that the course will be set up into a protected, read-only state and kept for either an indefinite period of time or will be kept forever (usually the latter). It implies that it will still be accessible in the menu, but that it has undergone a transformation. This puts a very definitive set of expectations upon the user when they select this:

      1. Students may expect the course to be accessible in a 'protected' state for their entire course of study, and possibly beyond
      2. Teachers may expect the course to go through a process in the background to become a protected state and specific actions to occur. 

      In other words, the triggering of this action comes with it the expectation of deep Moodle processing to undertake protection (read-only), much like context freeze. 

      Perhaps this is, exactly what is going to occur when this is selected? If this is the case, then I will happily change the improvement request to have an option to swap out this menu item for the previous menu item. 

      Whilst I (and others) can change the language string, please can the language be re-considered, or further input sought from others regarding language?

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