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Simplify the UX of uploading a file, save a click when selecting repository


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      This trips up just about everyone new to moodle with the 'double file choose' modal. 90% of the time you just want to upload a file but then you get the choose of repository and then you choose upload and then you click the real upload button so it is 3 clicks instead of 1.


      Current state for single files:

      Proposed state for single files:

      When you are in a file picker which selects a single file:

      Now instead you would get the list of repositories directly inline like this:

      If there is a large number of repositories then they would collapse into a split button with more in the same way that tabs now do as well.

      Current state for file areas:

      Proposed state for file areas:

      Similar to above each repository would be a button inline which eliminates another click:


      Improve the icons to be meaningful and unique:

      In the example above the repositories all have quite poor icons which is amplified in the second case without text. These should be normal icons like a clock for recent, a server icon for the server files etc

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