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Reset all templates in one go


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      As a teacher
      I want to reset and save all templates in one go
      to make it easier to reset templates every time I add a new field


      The reset all templates can be done in 2 different ways in the templates tab:

      1. Click the "reset all templates" action in the tertiary navigation
      2. Click the "reset template" button and check the "reset all templates" checkbox in the appearing modal.

      The first approach for this improvement was to implement a new 'Reset and save all templates' feature to reset and save all templates in one click (it can be found in the prototype).

      The user will be asked to confirm the action before proceeding to reset templates.


      However, while reviewing MDL-75234, a new proposal was raised and approved by the UX and PX teams: add a checkbox "Reset all templates" in the new modal that has been added in this issue, unchecked by default, to let users reset all templates in one go:

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