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Moodle installer does not show the language package


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      In the Moodle installer we have a lot of languages implemented.

      On the installer page where you will download the located strings with the download button you only see a part of the button string. The fault is the incorrect usage of the quotes inside the string.

      I don't thing that this is a problem in our tranlation work. Every time I set the string to the same as the english string. It should be something like one of the following strings
      <pre>$string['downloadlanguagebutton'] = 'Download des "$a" Sprachpakets';
      $string['downloadlanguagebutton'] = 'Download des Sprachpakets "$a"';</pre>

      The installer source shows a wrong string
      <pre>>input type="submit" value="Download des "Deutsch (de)" Sprachpakets" /<

      I controlled this problem with some different languages and got the same bad string on the button. Only the french version uses different quotes so they do not have the problem. If we also use different quotes in other languages or if we leave away the quotes then the problem goes away.

      It would be better to filter the wrong quotes from the translated strings so every user can see the correct string on the download button.

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