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Global Search (Solr) does not index Nextcloud-File-Attachments


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    • 4.0.3
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      The Global Search powered by Solr does not index and search files which are embedded through a Nextcloud Repository.


      Step 1:

      Nextcloud Repository is setupped in Moodle

      Solr is setupped in Moodle, so that file indexing works

      Step 2:

      Nextcloud Repository is used to embed files in Moodle, for example as file attachments in a glossary through a Nextcloud-Link.

      Step 3:

      The Moodle Global Search (via Solr Search Engine) does not index any files embedded through Nextcloud. Therefor all Nextcloud-Embeddments are “invisible” for Moodle Global Search.

      Why does this suck?

      • Global Search is meant to “search everywhere on the Moodle site that you have access to”. Due to this bug it does not.
      • If this bug was fixed it would provide the opportunity to refer from multiple Glossarys to an ongoing-actualized set of documents in a Nextcloud and keep all Glossarys “actualized” just by actualizing one “Glossary-Linked” file in the Nextcloud. Right now its necessary to re-upload all actualized documents in all the glossarys individually (if you need global search function to work).

      What i would wish would happen?

      • It would be so great if Solr-Powered Moodle Global Seach would be able to index and find “linked” Nextcloud-Files.

      To any developer who this concerns i would be eternally grateful since its a huge problem for us. Cheers!  

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