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Search courses - Within course catalogue area does not work for most users



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      1. Login as admin
      2. Go to <moodleroot>/course/index.php and search 'something'
      3. Verify that you are now on <moodleroot>/course/management.php?search=something
      Normal user
      1. Login as a normal user
      2. Go to <moodleroot>/course/index.php and search 'something'
      3. Verify that you are now on <moodleroot>/course/search.php?search=something
      Admin Login as admin Go to <moodleroot>/course/index.php and search 'something' Verify that you are now on <moodleroot>/course/management.php?search=something Normal user Login as a normal user Go to <moodleroot>/course/index.php and search 'something' Verify that you are now on <moodleroot>/course/search.php?search=something


      📝 Summary
      Within the course catalogue on a Moodle 4 platform (URL/course) there is a "search courses" box. Using the search courses box as an admin (any user with access to the admin area of course management) then the search returns results. For a typical learner (e.g. authenticated user) the search doesn't return any results. I believe this is because the results page is specifically aimed towards administrators and most users don't have this access.


      🎬 Steps to Reproduce
      Logon to a Moodle 4 platform as an authenticated user (i.e. a new user, typically acting as a standard learner with no extra roles). Next, access URL/course and try searching for a course that you know exists on this platform. The page will refresh and not actually show you any results at all.

      Be warned, if you access the URL/course (and don't navigate into a category) when you search it will take you into the selected category on the dropdown, but the results aren't correct, it just shows all the courses in that category. Searching again refreshes the page.


      ✔️ Expected Behaviour
      When a user searches for a course name that exists, the results should be displayed to the user.


      📓 Additional Details
      It is worth noting that this search only searches the selected category in the dropdown to the right. This is a confusing experience for end user as it is not clear? Users generally expect this search to look through all categories. For reference I've tested this on a Titus theme (Moodle partner) and a Moodle 4 platform using Boost theme.


      🔩 Workaround
      We will be hiding this search within our Moodle 4 themes moving forward. There is already confusion with users between the global search and tags (why doesn't global search show tags?), and adding a non-working search will cause further issues.


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