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Add send status to MoodleNet share history


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      This issue resolves the following user story: As a teacher, I need the ability to view the transit status of content I have shared to MoodleNet from the current Moodle site, so that I have an overview of those which have completed, are still in progress, or have failed and may need to be re-tried.


      1. The current status of each resource will be displayed in the share history (as per prototype). The status indicates whether the resource has completed sending, sending is still in progress, or failed (eg connection issue). The "in progress" status is valid even if transfers are synchronous, for cases where they are sending a large file and open the manager from a separate tab.
      2. Behat/unit tests implemented as applicable.

      Out of scope

      • Granular progress indicators (eg %). Progress will be indicated by general strings (eg "In Progress", "Sent", "Failed").
      • Keeping track of current status of any resource. The statuses only indicate the progress of sending content to MoodleNet and once the transfer succeeds or fails, the final status of "Sent" or "Failed" will be set and no further updates will occur.
      • Any content relating to MN => Moodle transfers.


      Prototype link for this iteration of the manager.

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