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Implement the Share to MoodleNet modal and activity menu item



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    • Team Hedgehog 4.1 sprint 0.4B, Team Hedgehog Sprint 2.2, Team Hedgehog 2023 Sprint 1.3


      This issue relates to creating the required modal content to allow sharing of resources to MoodleNet, and linking to the modal from the relevant menu.


      1. Share to MoodleNet item in activity/resource "More" secondary navigation menu, if a user has the appropriate capability to share to MoodleNet.
      2. The menu item will open a modal. All stages of the share process are displayed within the same modal (just re-rendered with the new content).
      3. The first view of the modal shows the activity type/name and which MoodleNet site it will be shared to (as per the prototype), along with an option to perform the share.
      4. When pressing the Share action:
        1. The share button should trigger an OAuth authorisation prompt on MoodleNet if authorisation has not already been granted (ie first time sharing to this MoodleNet site). If authorisation is not granted (eg they cancel), they should be returned to the first modal screen (where they can hit Share again to repeat the process).
        2. Once authorised (either above, or if already previously authorised),  a web service will be called to facilitate the packaging and sharing of the content.
      5. When the share is initiated, a second waiting/loading modal view will be shown (as per the prototype). The scope for this issue is only to show the loading spinner in this state, no specific progress updates.
      6. Once a success response and MoodleNet resource URL are received from the web service, the success view will be shown in the modal, which includes a button which links to the draft MoodleNet resource URL (which would open in a new tab). The user will need to press the button to be taken to the resource, it will not be auto-opened.
      7. If the upload fails (ie the web service returns a fail), display the fail version of the final modal screen (fail state prototype TBC).

      User stories

      This issue resolves the following user stories:

      1. As a teacher, I need the ability to share individual activities/resources onto MoodleNet, so that they are available for other MoodleNet users to utilise.
      2. As a teacher, I can see which MoodleNet site I am sharing to, so I know where my content will be uploaded.
      3. As a teacher, I will be provided with a link to my draft resource on MoodleNet, so I can complete any additional metadata requirements and publish my resource.

      Out of scope

      1. Any specific status updates on the “loading” screen. The scope of this issue only covers showing the loading screen with spinner, and the final success/fail state. Other status checks will be implemented in MDL-77298.
      2. Any link to a "share history" for the teacher (the share history is out of scope for this stage of the project, so will not exist).
      3. Share an activity/resource from the course homepage. A single point of action (within the activity) will be the only entry point to share to MoodleNet.
      4. Asynchronous packaging and file transfer (for this phase, the user will wait for the file and metadata to be sent, and for the LMS to receive the relevant ID/URL, then they will be provided with the link to the draft MoodleNet resource).


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