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Moodle LMS / MoodleNet integration project - Phase 2


    • MoodleNet integration - Phase 2

      This epic follows on from the progress of MDL-75207, to expand the functionality available for teachers sharing content from Moodle LMS to MoodleNet, beyond the MVP scope of that original epic.

      The key persona in this phase of the project is teachers.

      Key user stories

      The key user stories related to the teacher persona are:

      1. As a teacher, I can share the contents of a whole course as a Moodle backup file to MoodleNet, so others can import and use the course I have written. (Note: User/student data is not included).
      2. As a teacher, I need the ability to view the current send status of content I have recently shared to MoodleNet from the current Moodle site, so that I know when I can visit the respective MoodleNet draft to complete and publish the resource.
      3. As a teacher, I can select/deselect activities and resources when sharing a course to MoodleNet, so I can customise which course content is available to other MoodleNet users. (Note: User/student data is not included).

      Current teacher journey prototype

      "Nice to have" features for phase 2

      1. MDL-78422 - automatic cleanup of share progress so sent/error items are removed from the list once viewed.
      2. MDL-78271 - sharing resources asynchronously.
      3. MDL-77297 - validate connection before packaging.
      4. MDL-75806 - allow URLs and files to be shared in their raw form (rather than as backups).

      Future work / Out of scope

      The following milestone is currently beyond the scope of this project phase.

      1. Any updates to the existing implementation of MoodleNet to LMS functionality. This will likely be re-implemented to more closely integrate with the new LMS to MoodleNet functionality in a later project phase.
      2. Any improvements / features listed under the MoodleNet integration - future phases epic (MDL-78268).

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