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Update asynchronous sharing to MoodleNet to support linking to resource draft while file upload in progress


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      Note: This issue was written prior to the MoodleNet API spec being finalised (where metadata was possibly going to be transferred separately from the file contents). These requirements are not possible with the current MoodleNet API, so this issue is now potentially outdated. I have kept this issue open for now in case future iterations of the API make it possible to fetch the draft resource URL prior to the file transfer completing, which would allow us to direct teachers to complete the draft information before the course/activity resource file itself has completed uploading to MoodleNet.


      This issue resolves the following user story: As a teacher, all resources/files are packaged and uploaded to MoodleNet asynchronously, so that I can quickly progress to MoodleNet and complete the resource metadata (and possibly queue publishing) regardless of the size of the resource I am sharing.


      1. Relevant metadata only is initially sent to MoodleNet, and teacher is taken to complete their resource metadata independent of any file being transferred to MoodleNet.
      2. Further requirements TBC during this phase of the project and will heavily involve the MoodleNet team and their design decisions. This may include details around file streaming/chunking, as well as UX considerations, such as whether a teacher can complete metadata and choose to "publish" a resource before the actual file exists on MoodleNet (so it auto-publishes once the file transfer completes).

      Out of scope

      1. Any out of scope items should be defined here when identified.


      TBD. Any changes to user flow (eg the "loading" modal copy/contents/usage) will be prototyped before development commences on this issue.

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