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Buttons at the bottom of the quiz summary page are not very clear



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      A problem which occurs (not very often but it is really bad when it does) is that students answer all or most of the quesions in a quiz, but then forget / don't know that, they are required to finally submit their whole attempt.

      This situation is not helped by the fact that at the bottom of the quiz Summary page, there are two buttons, which are not great:

      For example, why are they vertically above each other, shouldn't it be laid out more like the prev/next buttons on other pages of the quiz?

      Also, in MDL-74996, about the confirm message on the submit button, we were talking about the wording inside the dialogue. However, if we need extra info to tell people to submit, perhpas that needs to be before you click the button, rather than after it? (If we need extra words at all.)


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