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Random "Highlight next week" Behat failure


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    • Team Omega 4.1 Sprint 0.5, Team Omega radar

      We are getting some random failures on the "Highlight next week" scenario.

      Some of the failed jobs:

      Some side notes:

      • Seems to happen on goutte headless browser, on jobs that runs on Sundays EU evening, for example 16:00 UTC.
      • Looking the affected Behat feature, I can see the failing test makes use of ##monday last week## placeholder for startdate... so that would be my first "line of investigation" on this failure.
      • This behat has been introduced by MDL-73697 and apparently we were having some issues with ##last week## that was not precise enough, so probably we will need to think in some other approach to test that.

      $ vendor/bin/behat --config moodle_data_git/master/postgres_behat/behatrun/behat/behat.yml  --profile headlesschrome --suite default --name 'Highlight next week'
      Moodle 4.3dev+ (Build: 20230902), 206c3a66e77ceb153e5b5c6af22585e819f5d124
      Php: 8.2.8, pgsql: 13.5, OS: Darwin 22.6.0 x86_64
      Run optional tests:
      - Accessibility: Yes
      Server OS "Darwin", Browser: "chrome"
      Started at 04-09-2023, 00:54
      --- Pasos fallidos:
      001 Scenario: Highlight next week                                     # /Users/stronk7/git_moodle/moodle/course/format/weeks/tests/behat/current_week.feature:14
            Then I should see "This week" in the "#section-2" "css_element" # /Users/stronk7/git_moodle/moodle/course/format/weeks/tests/behat/current_week.feature:19
              "This week" text was not found in the "#section-2" element (Behat\Mink\Exception\ExpectationException)
      1 escenario (1 fallaron)
      3 pasos (2 pasaron, 1 fallaron)
      0m4.90s (53.30Mb)

            lameze Simey Lameze
            lameze Simey Lameze
            Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)
            Shamim Rezaie Shamim Rezaie
            Kim Jared Lucas Kim Jared Lucas
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