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Improve the user experience in Gradebook - part 2


    •  Gradebook improvements 4.2

      This project aims to modernize Moodle's gradebook interface and make its usage more intuitive.

      The proposed changes for 4.2 will be generally centered around improving the gradebook experience predominantly for teachers.

      There are two main goals:

      • make it easier and more intuitive for teachers to manage the existing course grades.
      • make it easier for teacher to setup the gradebook.


      The key tasks related to the teacher persona are:

      • Improving the Grader report
        • De-clutter the information presented in the Grader report
        • Revamp the styling of the Grader report.
        • Introduce new search and filtering features to further improve the usability in the Grader report.
      • Improving the Gradebook setup
        • Revamp the styling of the Gradebook setup.

      Prototype links:

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