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Reconsider activity type label on courses page



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      Reconsider whether or not to include the activity type label on courses page. There are some concerns about this element not being useful for learners or even being confusing and detract from engagement in some cases, as there are some activity type wording/names that are not very descriptive or meaningful.


      Some examples:

      • We currently show H5P above any h5p activity in a course - next to the icon, and above the title. An "H5P" is meaningless to most users. It doesn't tell them what kind of activity it is, because H5P supports a wide range of interactive activities.


      • For LTI tools we show "EXTERNAL TOOL" but again this is meaningless to students. In this case it may detract from engagement as users may be dissuaded by the "External" nature of it and concern about leaving the LMS


      • The "BIGBLUEBUTTON" activity is a product name, rather than a description of an activity. Knowing the product name does not really assist in a vast majority of cases. I would argue that we should either remove it, or alternatively use more appropriate wording.


      We have a few options that we could consider taking:

      • Entirely remove the label from the course. It wasn't there before 4.0 and it arguably may be confusing


      • Update the label to be more informative. For example, replace "BigBlueButton" with a phrase like "Video chat" or "Video conference" or "Video call". This would probably be fine for H5P ("Interactive activity") but does not really solve LTI.


      • Allow the naming to be customised by the teacher configuring the activity


      Teachers feedback and documentation can be found here:



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