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Atto allows images to be decorative and have a description



      Identified by Tomasz on MDLQA-17040.

      When an image is added in Atto it allows the user to flag the image as "decorative only" and also adds a description for people who cannot see it. This is confusing from an accessibility point of view because if the image is decorative it should not require a description for blind people.

      The problem seems to be just on the UI because if you tick the checkbox and add the description, save it and edit the image again, the checkbox is not ticked any more.

      So the goal of this ticket is to investigate if we can improve the usability of the "Image properties" in Atto. My suggestion would be, if the "This image is decorative only" is tick then the "Describe this image for someone who cannot see it" should be disabled and vice versa.

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