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Various behat fixes for Question


      As discovered in MDL-74035 we have a lot of issues we need to solve before that issue can land, specifically:

      • action menu steps suck and need serious improvement to be usable in tables, this includes:
        • making steps which specifically target an action menu
        • making steps which work both with, and without, JavaScript
      • new behat steps introduced as part of the question engine changes in 4.0 are full of problems that need to be fixed, including:
        • many steps which do things like checking that the word "Delete" is present somewhere on the page
        • use of CSS selectors
        • use of steps which are too broad and therefore click on the wrong link
        • setting checkboxes wth a click instead of the set field
        • over-use of the javascript tag without any need
      • The "I should see :x in :y" step has an issue with accepting NodeElements

      These are all easy to solve, and mostly block 74035, but most should also be backported as is our ruling with Behat fixes hence the separate issue.

      All branches will get the new Action menu steps, and the change to the shoudl see steps.
      Only 400 and master get the changes to the questino bank tests.

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