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Report builder stress tests fail on oracle



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Cannot Reproduce
    • Minor
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    • 4.0.4
    • Report builder
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      Tested on Moodle 4.0.4 only

      There was 1 failure:
      1) core_course\reportbuilder\datasource\courses_test::test_stress_datasource
      Error for column 'course_category:name' with aggregation 'groupconcat': Error reading from database (ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB
                  SELECT COUNT(1)
                    FROM (SELECT LISTAGG( MOODLELIB.UNDO_MEGA_HACK(MOODLELIB.TRICONCAT(COALESCE(TO_CHAR(cc.name), '<^>'), '<|>', COALESCE(TO_CHAR(cc.id), '<^>'))) , '<,>') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY  MOODLELIB.UNDO_MEGA_HACK(MOODLELIB.TRICONCAT(COALESCE(TO_CHAR(cc.name), '<^>'), '<|>', COALESCE(TO_CHAR(cc.id), '<^>'))) ) AS c0_name, cc.name AS c1_name, cc.id AS c1_id, cc.idnumber AS c2_idnumber, dbms_lob.substr(cc.description, 1024,1) AS c3_description, cc.descriptionformat AS c3_descriptionformat, ccctx.id AS c3_contextid, c.fullname AS c4_coursefullnamewithlink, c.id AS c4_id, cctx.id AS c4_ctxid, cctx.path AS c4_ctxpath, cctx.depth AS c4_ctxdepth, cctx.contextlevel AS c4_ctxlevel, cctx.instanceid AS c4_ctxinstance, cctx.locked AS c4_ctxlocked, c.shortname AS c5_courseshortnamewithlink, c.id AS c5_id, c.idnumber AS c6_courseidnumberewithlink, c.id AS c6_id, c.fullname AS c7_fullname, c.id AS c7_courseid, cctx.id AS c7_ctxid, cctx.path AS c7_ctxpath, cctx.depth AS c7_ctxdepth, cctx.contextlevel AS c7_ctxlevel, cctx.instanceid AS c7_ctxinstance, cctx.locked AS c7_ctxlocked, c.shortname AS c8_shortname, c.id AS c8_courseid, cctx.id AS c8_ctxid, cctx.path AS c8_ctxpath, cctx.depth AS c8_ctxdepth, cctx.contextlevel AS c8_ctxlevel, cctx.instanceid AS c8_ctxinstance, cctx.locked AS c8_ctxlocked, c.idnumber AS c9_idnumber, dbms_lob.substr(c.summary, 1024,1) AS c10_summary, c.id AS c10_courseid, cctx.id AS c10_ctxid, cctx.path AS c10_ctxpath, cctx.depth AS c10_ctxdepth, cctx.contextlevel AS c10_ctxlevel, cctx.instanceid AS c10_ctxinstance, cctx.locked AS c10_ctxlocked, c.format AS c11_format, c.startdate AS c12_startdate, c.enddate AS c13_enddate, c.visible AS c14_visible, c.groupmode AS c15_groupmode, c.groupmodeforce AS c16_groupmodeforce, c.lang AS c17_lang, c.calendartype AS c18_calendartype, c.theme AS c19_theme, c.enablecompletion AS c20_enablecompletion, c.downloadcontent AS c21_downloadcontent, rbalias28.value AS c22_value, rbalias28.id AS c22_id, rbalias28.contextid AS c22_contextid, rbalias28.valueformat AS c22_valueformat, rbalias29.charvalue AS c23_charvalue, rbalias29.id AS c23_id, rbalias29.contextid AS c23_contextid
                            FROM t_course c JOIN t_course_categories cc
                      ON cc.id = c.category JOIN t_context ccctx
                        ON ccctx.instanceid = cc.id
                       AND ccctx.contextlevel = 40 LEFT JOIN t_context cctx
                                 ON cctx.contextlevel = 50
                                AND cctx.instanceid = c.id LEFT JOIN t_customfield_data rbalias28 ON rbalias28.fieldid = 1 AND rbalias28.instanceid = c.id LEFT JOIN t_customfield_data rbalias29 ON rbalias29.fieldid = 2 AND rbalias29.instanceid = c.id
                           WHERE c.id != :o_rbparam1
                                 GROUP BY cc.name, cc.id, cc.idnumber, dbms_lob.substr(cc.description, 1024,1), cc.descriptionformat, ccctx.id, c.fullname, c.id, cctx.id, cctx.path, cctx.depth, cctx.contextlevel, cctx.instanceid, cctx.locked, c.shortname, c.id, c.idnumber, c.id, c.fullname, c.id, cctx.id, cctx.path, cctx.depth, cctx.contextlevel, cctx.instanceid, cctx.locked, c.shortname, c.id, cctx.id, cctx.path, cctx.depth, cctx.contextlevel, cctx.instanceid, cctx.locked, c.idnumber, dbms_lob.substr(c.summary, 1024,1), c.id, cctx.id, cctx.path, cctx.depth, cctx.contextlevel, cctx.instanceid, cctx.locked, c.format, c.startdate, c.enddate, c.visible, c.groupmode, c.groupmodeforce, c.lang, c.calendartype, c.theme, c.enablecompletion, c.downloadcontent, rbalias28.value, rbalias28.id, rbalias28.contextid, rbalias28.valueformat, rbalias29.charvalue, rbalias29.id, rbalias29.contextid
                         ) rbalias32
      [array (
        'o_rbparam1' => '1',


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