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Assignment marking guide 'Show/Hide marker/student criterion descriptions' checkbox options not holding selection when changes are saved



      Assignments set to use marking guides — when grading them —  have options to Show/Hide marker/student criterion descriptions in the PDF annotator grading form:


      By default both the marker and student descriptions are set to show and when you toggle them, the descriptions appear/disappear on demand as one might expect. If however you toggle them to hide and then save the grading page, it appears to not hold that choice in place visually and reverts them back to show. 

      Replicated on 4.0.5, 3.11.6 and 3.10.3 Moodle environments 


      • Ensure there is at least one Student user enrolled in a test course
      • Add an Assignment activity to the course page. Set required fields and ensure under Grade >> Grading method it is set to 'Marking guide'. Save and display.
      • In the advanced grading section of the assignment where you define a new marking guide, click to 'define a new marking guide from scratch'. Name the guide, add as many criterion levels as you wish, provide meaningful marker/student criterions to properly observe changes noted in last two steps below then click 'Save marking guide and make it ready' when done
      • Go to 'View all submissions' page within the Assignment activity and submit something on behalf of a student.
      • Grade this student such to bring up the PDF annotation interface. Add some data to the marking guide fields, and toggle the Show/Hide marker/student criterion descriptions without saving. Observe that they show/hide these criterion descriptions as advertised.
      • With the marker/student criterion descriptions set to show, set them to hide and then click 'Save' at the bottom of the page. Observe that the radio buttons revert back to show


      Show/Hide marker/student criterion descriptions options in Assignment activities set for marking guide grading revert to show when the submission is saved


      Show/Hide marker/student criterion descriptions options should ideally save and the display toggle opted for should visually hold

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