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Installed profile fields starting with letters A or B cannot be selected


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      Using the default Boost theme, if you install a custom profile field plugin that has a name alphabetically higher than the highest included in core (i.e. higher than profilefield_checklist) it will clip behind the title bar which makes it not able to be selected and not visible.

      This also only happens when there are no categories (e.g. a fresh site). When categories are present, it does not clip, since the list sits slightly lower.

      See attached image, the DOM elements of two profile fields starting with the letter A are clipped behind the white bar.

      This is on Firefox 109.0 (64-bit) Ubuntu

      How to reproduce

      1. Ensure there are no custom profile field categories
      2. Install a custom profile field plugin start with letters A or B (so that it sits above profilefield_checklist)
      3. Go to settings -> user profile fields
      4. Click on "create a new profile field"
      5. Confirm that the list clips upwards and the profile fields sit behind the white bar

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