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Course hierarchy (Short-term solution)


    • Course hierarchy (Short-term solution)

      Indentation functionality was removed in Moodle 4.0 for reasons including:

      • poor accessibility
      • poor mobile experience
      • potential content formatting issues.

      Based on the discovery phase outcomes, the key requirement identified was the need of having a proper course structure functionality that allows content creators to add subsections within sections and the ability to create nested content to build a better course hierarchy.

      The technical discussion with the team highlighted the complexity of this solution and the impossibility of including this project to the 4.2 release, so the internal stakeholders agreed on proposing a short-term temporary solution to cover the users needs around this issue while working on the long-term solution.

      The short-term solution of the Course hierarchy project within the scope:

      • Back the indentation in 3 levels of the hierarchy
        Section > Primary activity (Non-indented) > Secondary activity (Indented) = 3 levels of hierarchy
      • Primary and Secondary activity cards visual differentiation.
      • Show visual indentation on the course index.
      • Add a new setting in the site config to ignore indentation.
      • Simplify activity cards
      • Backport the short-term solution to 4.0 and 4.1

      Prototype for 4.2
      UX tasks related to short-term
      Epic for long-term solution

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