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Add an option for admins to reset indentation for courses on the site


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      As an admin
      I want to reset indentation from site courses
      so I can start using indentation for courses created from now


      As we removed indentation for 4.0 and 4.1, some sites that were using indentation on 3.11 or earlier versions, have redesign their course on 4.0 because 4.1 not to need indentation. But the 'indent' field on 'course_modules' table has not been reset. So When they upgrade to latest versions and activate site indentation, the existing courses will be "changed" to use the indentation again.

      To reset the indentation for existing courses and use indentation for newly create courses, the teachers/admins would need to change and remove indentation from all courses manually one by one. 

      To avoid this manual work, we want to add a link for admins to reset 'indent' field from all existing courses.

      • The execution should update to '0' all 'indent' values on 'course_modules' table.

      Note: A backporting request would be raised once this issue is integrated,  so we should try to implement the patch following the rules to be backportable. More information about backporting request: https://moodledev.io/general/development/policies/backporting


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