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Behat test to verify teacher can require an assignment submission statement (Automate MDLQA-4578)


      The goal is to add a behat test to verify that a teacher can choose whether to require students to accept an assignment submission statement.

      QA test to be automated: MDLQA-4578

      QA testing instructions

      This test requires the following conditions:
      *An assignment submission statement must have been added to Settings>Site administration>Plugins>Activity modules>Assignment;
      *The checkbox "require that students accept the statement" must be set to "No".

      1.Log in as a teacher to a course and create an assignment.
      2.In the Assignment settings, set both the "Require that students click submit button" and the " "Require that students accept the submission statement" to "Yes"
      3.Leave other settings as default and save the assignment
      4.Log in as a student and navigate to the assignment.
      5.Complete the assignment (eg upload a file)
      6.Verify that you cannot submit the assignment unless you accept the submission statement.
      7.Log back in as a teacher and revert the student's assignment to draft
      8.In the assignment settings, change the "Require that students accept the submission statement" to "No"
      9.Log back in as a student and verify that you can submit the assignment without being presented with a submission statement.

      Once done, please change the affected QA parent to MDLQA-5249

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