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Accessibility issue: Missing HTML list markup for some lists / grouped elements. (WCAG 2.1 - 1.3.1 Info and Relationships)





      Accessibility issue:

      Some elements that are grouped together, are lists in meaning, or visually look like lists are not implemented as HTML lists (<ul>, <ol>, <dl>, <li>).

      For users of assistive technologies, lists are important to facilitate navigation.

      Example for this issue:
      • Controls that are grouped together visually and in meaning are not placed together in a HTML list (e.g. in the forum the controls: "Permalink", "Edit", "Delete" and "Reply")
      • The filter links in the glossary with the different letters of the alphabet are not implemented as HTML list.
      • The link list in the footer (depending on the version you have to press the button on the question mark icon first) is not implemented as HTML list.
      • The expandable profile menu is not marked as a list. (In this case a minor problem, since some screen readers still recognize that it is supposed to be a list by role="menuitem". But you can't assume that all screen readers can do that).
      How to fix the issue:

      Use the appropriate list tags such as <ul>, <ol>, <dl> and <li> to mark up lists as HTML lists so that they are correctly recognized by assistive technologies such as screen readers.

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