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MDL-75012 seems to have broken all JavaScript on Windows


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    • 4.2
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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Check out the Moodle master branch (That is, commit 556208417deb47ccea80d00849aae6fb4d47f228).
      2. Run Behat/init.php
      3. Load the acceptance test that was just crated in your browser.
      4. Look in the JavaScript error

      Actual result: JS error which makes it impossible to run any Behat test, and probably breaks all JS features.

      Uncaught TypeError: $ is undefined <-- in Firefox
      Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'truncate') <-- in Chrome

      This is coming from lib/amd/src/truncate.js line 110. So, it tries to run this code and jQuery $ object is not defined.

      As a check, I checked out commit abccd6ba406566727aee98695034ab92109a0f65 and the problem did not happen.

      Checking the history

       git log --oneline abccd6ba406566727aee98695034ab92109a0f65..556208417deb47ccea80d00849aae6fb4d47f228
      556208417de (origin/master, origin/HEAD, moodle/master, master) weekly release 4.2dev
      88978c38b97 Merge branch 'install_master' of https://git.in.moodle.com/amosbot/moodle-install
      baef734ef7a MDL-75012 js: Remove orphaned source maps
      8ce226081c5 MDL-75012 core: Fix upgrade.txt conflicts
      916503658d4 Merge branch 'MDL-75012-master-5' of https://github.com/andrewnicols/moodle
      33b1e41f137 MDL-75012 js: Full build of all grunt things
      ee0e2bcc8f5 MDL-75012 js: Bump Babel dependencies
      ed3c951001a MDL-75012 js: Remove unused babel-preset-minify dependency
      84c650489ab MDL-75012 js: Drop support for modules built pre-babel
      9829bff0325 Automatically generated installer lang files
      de7b6c7760c Automatically generated installer lang files
      784098fe9e6 MDL-75012 js: Put shifter on a diet
      b3f7721cdd1 MDL-75012 js: Bump shifter to new version
      5d0631b6a16 MDL-75012 js: Use our own jsdoc wrapper
      472fc27ab94 MDL-75012 js: Audit fix
      7c3db6d4583 MDL-75012 js: Bump node-sass
      19f5ffb28ab MDL-75012 js: Update browserslist
      1c73373b3d2 MDL-75012 js: Bump stylelint and components
      abb68775965 MDL-75012 js: Remove grunt-contrib-uglify
      f70d9a3eef1 MDL-75012 js: Bump standard dependencies
      6d0fdd8fd8c MDL-75012 core: Bump NodeJS version requirements

      pretty conclusively shows that MDL-75012 caused this.

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