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additionalhtmlhead record in BD but not in source code



      Moodle 4.1.1 (Build: 20230116)
      Using default theme, new installation, no student/courses yet

      If i make any changes to additionalhtmlhead, the change will be added to the Mysql record (SELECT * FROM `mdl_config` where name = 'additionalhtmlhead' but the web site will not add it, not in the source code, and not in the additionnalhtmlhead textarea settings.

      Step i made :

      1) reach /admin/search.php?query=additionalhtml
      2) make any changes to the additionalhtmlhead textarea tag
      3) Save
      4) check if additionalhtmlhead textarea is reflecting your changes (No)
      5) check if source code of Home page have the new changes (No)
      6) check if Mysql registered the change (SELECT * FROM `mdl_config` where name = 'additionalhtmlhead' (Yes)
      7) Proceed with a purge of cache
      8) Repeat step 4-6 (same result)


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