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TinyMCE editor and Moodle Calendar: calendar description field issues


      Dear Community,

      we have found some strange issues in Moodle 4.1.1 together with new TinyMCE editor and the description field in Moodle calendar:

      • login as user (teacher) in Moodle
      • go to your profile - preferences - Editor preferences - and set TinyMCE Editor as editor
      • go to your calendar
      • create new calendar entry (Type of event: User)
      • fill in title, duration, etc ..
      • write some text in description
      • save

      Problem 1:
      In some cases it is not possible to edit the description field. There ist no possibility to place the cursor in this field. Press "save" and try to re-edit the field again, sometimes it will work.
      This problem has so far only occurred in latest Firefox.

      Problem 2:
      After editing the event again in some cases the toolbar of tiny disapears. It seems to be that the Tiny will be replaced by an other text editor. But in the user profile the Tiny is set.
      Solution: re-logn or change editor in user profile (change to some other editor - save - and change back to Tiny editor - save).
      Sometimes it happens that it is also not possible to edit the description field (see Problem 1).
      This problem has so far only occurred in latest Firefox.

      Problem 3:
      Create a second calendar entry. The description entry reloads the content of the first calendar entry.
      Maybe this issue is similar to https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-76487
      This problem has occurred in latest Chrome and Firefox.

      br, Anton

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