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Overlay of checkboxes with dropdown menu in course category administration



      When using the course and category page as an administrator, when the hover of the category settings menu is activated, the checkboxes for the categories appear on top of the drop-down menu items.

      Moodle version: Moodle 4.1+ (Build: 20230105)
      Theme applied: Boost

      Tested on
      OS: Windows 10
      Browser: Recent versions of Chrome, Edge and Firefox

      OS: Mac OS
      Browser: Recent versions of Chrome and Safari


      • site administration
      • course/category management updates

      Steps to reproduce the issue

      • go to site administration
      • go to courses
      • go to Manage courses and categories
      • click on a category that has subcategories and expand the subcategories
      • Resolution dependent, bring the width of your browser to where the dropdown menu should cover the checkboxes
      • click on the settings of the main category


      See attached image

      Additional information

      Dependent on the browser resolution, this issue occurs without zooming in.

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