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Lesson revise behaviour when incorrect input is added




      While testing MOBILE-3535 I saw that when a user introduce a text (or a number with the "wrong" decimal type according to user's language (, instead of .)) on a numerical question of a lesson, the lesson shows the user the following message: 'One or more questions have no answer given. Please go back and submit an answer.'.
      If instead the user submit an empty reply, the messages changes to 'That's the wrong answer'.

      I find the behaviour contradictory. The One or more questions have no answer given is indicated on the case of the input is wrong but not when it is empty.

      (If this is because there are other cases I am not taking into consideration maybe the UX writing could be improved to add 'One or more questions have no answer given or the format used is not the correct one. Please go back and submit an answer.' although I would still find strange the no answer given vs the actual empty reply.)

      Adding a backup for a lesson with a numerical question from a 4.1 Moodle site, tried on a 4.2beta (Build: 20230414) Moodle site and the same behaviour is happening.

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