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Create a new AI content generation API to be used in Moodle


      The aim of this improvement is to add the ability for user (mostly teachers) to generate content automatically using AI.

      This was originally thought to be a Tiny MCE plugin, but discussing with matt.porritt@moodle.com (thanks Matt again !), I saw that this was something that was there already.

      Those two clever plugins gave me an idea: why not try to generalise this approach to a sort of common API that would help generate image and text (and maybe one day sound) from a prompt anywhere in Moodle.

      The other issue with implementation above is that (apart from code duplication) would allow only one type of AI API (in this case Open AI), to be used.

      We could then think about :

      1. A common AI generator API that would be able to plug into any API generating text or image from a prompt.
      2. Allowing users to choose the API they want
      3. Allowing users to add their own API key for their own use (apart from the global API key)

      I for now implemented an MVP on point 1 only for text generation and created a sort of demo on how to generate question (for the question bank) through a simple prompt.



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            laurent.david@moodle.com Laurent David
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