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Create radio selector modal AMD module


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      The new course bulk editing introduces a new modal with a radio button. This modal is used for the bulk availability nation. Considering the UI results from extensive UX research with real users behind it, the new modal should be implemented generically to be reused in other Moodle places.

      From the UX perspective, this modal has many advantages to a regular select dropdown. The main one is that it allows extra description and icon options, making it more user-friendly for complex settings. The XP team has already detected several form elements that could be simplified using this module.

      A new modal will be implemented as part of the modal factory in this first issue. However, once this is implemented, the modal will also be used as a new quickform form element to replace many complex settings selectors detected by the XP team.

            tusefomal Ferran Recio
            tusefomal Ferran Recio
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