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Investigate viability of using direct links to quickform sections



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      Some of the new activity card elements proposed for 4.3 require direct links to quick-form sections. However, this is not something we have in Moodle right now.

      Some of the scenarios in the course page 4.3 design are:

      • Restrictions access has an "Edit settings" link directly to the access restrictions settings.
      • The completion criteria have a link to the activity completion criteria section.

      Of course, in an ideal world, those links will open a modal with the settings in it so the user can edit them from the course page. However, this is out of scope for 4.3.

      Technical shaping

      All quickform elements have a unique id, so it should be possible to focus directly on a specific element. The only problem is when the field is inside a collapsed form section. This could be done in pure JS but can result in a glitchy effect. It will be better if PHP considers the anchor when rendering the form.

      Another point to consider is that it will be super useful if, instead of an anchor, the param could be a filter that hides the rest of the fields except the submitted ones and the related sections. I know what you are thinking, this requires tweaking the ancient quickform classes and I am not Indiana Jones. But, hey, this is why we have a feasibility task and not a direct implementation one .


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