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Create a status column for grades on Singleview report


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      Similar to MDL-77447 we need to show settings of grade on singleview report.

      • Currently we don't show that grade is hidden anyhow.
      • Overriden state is shown as separate column and it is confusing - it also toggles feedback input?
      • Lock state is shown next to student name - but its a grade that is locked
      • Aggregation info for total is not shown anywhere

      So we might need to following:

      1. Move checkbox to override grade next to grade input. Or don't have it at all - just have state icon that grade is overriden
      2. Add column for grade icon similar to gradebook setup page
      3. In table header when total is selected change 'Grade item: Category total' to smth more descriptive 'Grade item: Category name total' and possible add aggregation settings info also show grade item icon state (hidden, locked etc)
      4. Since Singleview report has 2 modes there might be specific for each. Like for user view we might not have space for category aggregation setting?

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