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Create new details dropdown components for the new activity cards design


    • HQ 2023 Sprint i2.2 Moppies

      This issue is conditioned to the result of the MDL-78205 task.

      The new activity card proposed for 4.3 uses two new interactable components to display information inside a dropdown.

      Those two components are:

      • Dropdown dialog: a new generic component will be create to display a dropdown like element that could present rich text HTML inside. This component will be used to display the completion conditions inside a dropdown.

      • Dropdown status: an extension of the previous one but providing a list of status to choose from. Those will let the user select the activity availability (visible, hidden, stealth) and the group mode (no groups, separate and visible groups).

      In this issue, both generic components will be created.

      Technical shaping

      The dropdown status component will be used to convert some of those icons into a dropdown-like element. However, instead of a regular action menu, the new dropdown must be able to display custom icons and descriptions for the available potions. This feature is similar to the modal used in bulk editing and related to MDL-78181.

      We don't have any output class to define this user interaction. For example, when we change a dropdown menu to a navigation dropdown, both represent the same interaction but use different construct parameters (we lose maintainability). To avoid this problem, part of this issue will create a generic output user choice class that can be used as an interaction definition object. In the future, the same class could instantiate for modals or any other user choice needed.

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