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Course reports can become inaccessible after upgrading to 4.0



      On a 3.9 site:

      1. Install block_analytics_graphs:

        git clone git@github.com:marceloschmitt/moodle-block_analytics_graphs.git blocks/analytics_graphs

      2. Disable competencies and activity completion:
        1. Navigate to "Site administration" > "Competencies" > "Competencies settings"
        2. Uncheck "Enable competencies"
        3. Press the "Save changes" button
        4. Navigate to "Site administration" > "Advanced features"
        5. Uncheck "Enable completion tracking"
        6. Press the "Save changes" button
      3. Create a new role for viewing analytics graphs reports:
        1. Browse to "Site administration" > "Users" > "Define roles"
        2. Press the "Add new role" button
        3. Press the "Continue" button (leave the archetype and preset thing blank)
        4. Give the new role the short name "analyticsgraphs" and the Custom full name "Analytics Graphs"
        5. Set "Context types where this role may be assigned" to "Course"
        6. Give the role the following capabilities:
          • block/analytics_graphs:viewpages
          • moodle/site:viewreports
        7. Press the "Create this role" button
      4. Create a course and enroll a user with the new "Analytics Graphs" role
      5. Log in as the new user
      6. Browse to the course
      7. Click the cog and click "More..."
      8. Note that 4 reports are visible:
        • Grades chart
        • Content acesses
        • Number of active students
        • Hits distribution
      9. Upgrade the site to at least 4.0
      10. As the "Analytics Graphs" user browse to the course
      11. The reports are now inaccessible

      What's happened here is that prior to MDL-74276 $navigation->find('coursereports', navigation_node::TYPE_CONTAINER) would always return something (even if it was an empty list, the "coursereports" node still existed). The analytics graphs plugin uses this check before adding navigation nodes.

      After MDL-74276, the "coursereports" node gets removed and the new navigation nodes don't get appended. The only way to access them for this user is to make sure some other part of Moodle has added navigation nodes under the "coursereports" node.

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