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Solr: Do fewer hard commits


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      (We just had a meeting with our Solr hosting provider, and they gave some advice, so I thought I'd file it here initially, not sure if we need to do anything with it.)

      The Solr documentation recommends that you should do 'soft commits' and only occasionally do hard commits. A soft commit means the new indexed data shows in search results, a hard commit means that it is flushed to disk and will be guaranteed available if there is a power failure etc.


      Currently we do a hard commit on every area_index_complete callback. For example, if you have new data indexing for 10 areas, it will do 10 hard commits for one run of the scheduled task.

      I wonder if we should consider using soft commits at this point, and a hard commit only at the end of the entire scheduled task run. (Our provider recommended a commit 'every couple of minutes'.)

      There might be reliability disadvantages here, so I'm not certain, but I thought it might be worth filing.

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