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Disabling communication provider breaks courses with communication provider set


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    • Team Hedgehog 2023 Sprint 2.2
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      I tried searching for this in the tracker but it seems it hasn't been reported yet.

      To reproduce:

      1. Go to Site administration > Experimental > Experimental settings
      2. Enable the communication subsystem.
      3. Save the changes
      4. Create a course with the Communication service field set to Matrix.
      5. Go to Site administration > Communication > Manage communication providers
      6. Disable the Matrix communication provider.
      7. Navigate to the course.
      8. Expected
        • The course can still be accessed, though without the communication feature
      9. Actual
        • A "core_communication/communicationproviderdisabled" error gets thrown and the course can no longer be accessed.

      Debug info:
      Error code: communicationproviderdisabled
      $a contents: communication_matrix
      Stack trace:
      line 55 of /communication/classes/processor.php: moodle_exception thrown
      line 363 of /communication/classes/processor.php: call to core_communication\processor->__construct()
      line 67 of /communication/classes/api.php: call to core_communication\processor::load_by_instance()
      line 84 of /communication/classes/api.php: call to core_communication\api->__construct()
      line 4329 of /lib/outputrenderers.php: call to core_communication\api::load_by_instance()
      line 4311 of /lib/outputrenderers.php: call to core_renderer->communication_url()
      line 4297 of /lib/outputrenderers.php: call to core_renderer->communication_link()
      line 219 of /lib/mustache/src/Mustache/Context.php: call to core_renderer->has_communication_links()
      line 138 of /lib/mustache/src/Mustache/Context.php: call to Mustache_Context->findVariableInStack()
      line 18 of data/localcache/mustache/1684996114/boost/__Mustache_92cafa3d9ca5fee917916181324fcedf.php: call to Mustache_Context->findDot()
      line 118 of data/localcache/mustache/1684996114/boost/__Mustache_a91c8952e5d5f0f5468704c9e68ebc30.php: call to __Mustache_92cafa3d9ca5fee917916181324fcedf->renderInternal()
      line 67 of /lib/mustache/src/Mustache/Template.php: call to __Mustache_a91c8952e5d5f0f5468704c9e68ebc30->renderInternal()
      line 208 of /lib/outputrenderers.php: call to Mustache_Template->render()
      line 110 of /theme/boost/layout/drawers.php: call to renderer_base->render_from_template()
      line 1477 of /lib/outputrenderers.php: call to include()
      line 1403 of /lib/outputrenderers.php: call to core_renderer->render_page_layout()
      line 284 of /course/view.php: call to core_renderer->header()

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