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Improve the completion conditions form


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      The UX team has redesigned the "Default activity completion" page to display the completion conditions in a different way, hiding some settings (instead of hiding them), to guide the user and display only the conditions that apply based on the current values they select.

      This issue will review the current activity completion forms displayed in the "Activity completion" section on each activity settings page and also in the Default course completion settings:

      • Meet the styling (checkboxes/radio buttons, strings…) from the prototype. That is:
        • Grading should be moved to the end of the form
        • Completion tracking should be converted to radio buttons.
        • The dependent options (based on the value of different options), like " Student must receive a passing grade to complete this activity" must be hidden instead of disabled.
      • Review the completion criteria settings of each activity type included in Moodle LMS. For the MVP, at least, Assignment, Book, Chat, File, Folder, Forum, IMS Content package, Page, URL, Quiz and Wiki must be reviewed. They can be done here or in separate issues (recommended option to make this easier). The same will happen with the rest of the activities if we have time to review them too. 
      • Review the error message displayed when Completion tracking is set to Automatic and no rule is set (currently "When you select automatic completion, you must also enable at least one requirement (below)." is displayed below the selector but it needs to be changed as described in the prototype).



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