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Centralised page to view and manage preconfigured LTI external tools in a course


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    • Team Alpha - Sprint 3 I2-2023


      Currently teachers do not have an easy way to view and manage preconfigured LTI tools that can be used in a particular course. The only way to achieve this at the moment is during the process of creating an External tool activity and preview them them within the 'Preconfigured tools' form select element.

      This is not very intuitive and instead teachers will greatly benefit of having a centralized page in the course where they can view and manage preconfigured LTI tools that they can use in the course.

      Link to prototype: Figma


      1. New page (generated by mod_lti) available in the course level
      2. The page should have the following content
        • Table that lists all preconfigured tools that teacher can use in the course (configured in the course and system level) with the following columns
          1. Name - shows the Tool name and image (if configured, otherwise show an image placeholder.
          2. Description - shows the Tool's description
          3. Usage - number of usages in the course
          4. Actions - an action (dropdown) menu with the following actions
            1. Edit
            2. Delete
        • Notification when there are no preconfigured LTI tools in the course yet (zero state)
        • Action button for creation of new course LTI tools.
      3. Link to the page ('LTI External tools') within the course secondary navigation.
      4. Automated testing.

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