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H5P Editor - Often fails to load when creating new H5P



      Problem: When visiting the content bank and choosing a new H5P to create, the editor for the H5P activity fails to load. This has been noted on numerous sites over the past few months, and often requires the end user (teachers or admins) to have to refresh the page in order to launch the H5P editor.


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. As an admin or editing teacher, access the content bank (from homepage or a course)
      2. Choose an H5P to add from the dropdown (for example, a frequently used H5P is Interactive Video)
      3. Wait for the H5P editor to load. It often does not load at all. Only a refresh of the page will prompt it to load.

      Video demo (Note: I pressed reload after about 41 seconds. A recent person reported waiting 18 hours until she told us it wasn't loading.) https://www.loom.com/share/f49ef7d1422945b5a639d200affa09b2?sid=19a9ee94-d743-4eda-bd26-6763b7a75e3c

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